‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ by Laura Dave

The Last Thing He Told Me

Author Laura Dave’s new novel ‘The Last Thing He Told Me‘ was released in May 2021 and became a bestseller instantly. This follows the story of a woman who is in search of her husband after he has suddenly disappeared.
Hanna Hall is married to Owen Michaels for over a year and she is set on winning her 16-year-old step-daughter Bailey’s affection; overall they are a happy family. Trouble hits home when Owen, who works as a coder in a tech company, suddenly disappears days before his company’s CEO is arrested on the grounds of corruption. While Owen is unreachable, he leaves behind a note to Hannah which reads ‘Protect her’ and more than half a million dollars cash for Bailey. When the police start questioning Hannah, she discovers that maybe Owen isn’t who he told her to be. And though Hannah and Bailey aren’t close to each other, together they decide to decode Owen’s mysterious disappearance and what caused it.

‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ is a thrilling mystery and its plot twists will keep the readers hooked till the end. The novel is fast-paced and gripping. What makes it memorable is the interesting stepmother-stepdaughter equation that Hannah and Bailey share and how it evolves as they try to unfold Owen’s sudden disappearing act. ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ is Reese’s Book Club Pick for May 2021 and it will soon also be adapted into a TV series featuring Julia Roberts.
How critics view the book:

Kirkus Review writes, “Light on suspense but still a solid page-turner.”

Sarah Weinman writes for The New York Times, “Dave’s neat trick is to unveil revelations at a brisk clip that does not overwhelm character development.”

Publishers Weekly writes, “The first two-thirds are riveting, with mysteries unspooled at a steady pace and believable stepfamily angst, but unfortunately the final act slips into some loopy turns. The author’s fans, though, won’t have a hard time forgiving the flaws.”

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